Tsumagoi-mura Village

Tsumagoi-mura Village

Calling itself the "Wife Lovers' Sacred Place," Tsumagoi offers various events related to loving husbands. As you are probably aware, many Japanese husbands feel uneasy expressing affection to their wives in private or in public. As part of its Muraokoshi ("revitalize the village") projects, Tsumagoi began offering the means for such shy husbands to say "I love you" out loud in the open air and surrounded by mountains.

The name Tsumagoi traces back its origin to the mythological age. According to a legend, an ancient crown prince stood at a mountain in the area and wept missing his deceased wife. The act of missing one's loving wife is expressed in two kanji (Chinese characters) and is pronounced "Tsumagoi", after which the village was named. In November 2004, a Japan Wife-Loving Association was established in the village. Its founding concept calls for wife-loving husbands to spread their lifestyles around the earth for world peace. Specifically, the association sponsors a unique event.

Kyabechu or Kiss a Cabbage
During this event, you literally scream that you love your wife in the middle of a vast cabbage field. The association has made a special wooden stage for it. Their slogan is, "To shout love to your wife in the center of cabbage fields." On September 6, 2015, the 10th annual "Kyabechu" event was held. Part of the reason for this event is to provide the opportunity for shy Japanese husbands to say "I love you" to their wives in public, thinking that Tsumagoi's vast expanse of cabbage fields will help them feel free from anything that has been holding them back.

Aisai-no-oka or Wife Lovers' Hill
The hill was made in March 2008, and the village has kept it in good condition ever since. In order to help husbands become someone who does not try to be someone else, the hill offers a place to express one's love to his wife in public at any time. To get a general idea, perhaps you can imagine something like a shouting contest.

Aisai Letterbox or a Letter to one's Loving Wife
Husbands who are too shy to express their love openly or cannot make it to the event can write a letter instead and send it from the post box installed in the cabbage fields. To do so, please make sure you address the letter but do not put any stamps on the envelope. Instead, please include either the money covering the postage or stamps inside the envelope. Letters will be collected monthly and mailed to the addressee with Aisai-no-oka stamped on it.

Tsumagoi Tourism Association
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