Manza Onsen/Hot Springs

Manza Onsen/Hot Springs

Because of its high altitude location, Manza Onsen is known as the hot spring closest to the sky. In fact, it is the most famous alpine hot spring in Japan. Manza Onsen is blessed with a large amount of water gushing out of the fountain. The spring water contains more than 27 different qualities believed to cure different physical afflictions.

Also, there is a highway from Karuizawa to Manza Onsen, called Asama-Shirane Volcano Route.  You can pass by Joshinetsu National Park and enjoy the great view of nature while driving.

Manza attracts many skiers thanks to its powdery snow, the best quality for skiing.  You will be able to see beautiful snow-covered mountains such as Mt. Asama while going down the ski slope. The cool air you feel while coming down the slope is absolutely refreshing! Manza has ski slopes for different levels from beginners and to advanced. There is also a slope specifically for snow boarders.

Other Manza famous spots include;

The highest National Highway
This highway hits the highest point (altitude 2172m) of the Japanese National Highway system which serves as a border between Gunma and Nagano Prefectures.

Oni-oshidashi Park
Oni-oshidashi Park is located on Mt. Asama, an altitude of 2568 meters. Mt. Asama is a volcanically-active mountain and the famous "Oni-oshidashi" is a natural monument made of dried lava created by eruption of Mt. Asama that took place 228 years ago. The lava layer is more than 3 km in width and 12 km in distance.

Tsumagoi Cabbage Field
Because of Tsumagoi's rich soil and mild climate, its cabbages are very fresh and delicious. Tsumagoi cabbages are ready for harvest in early fall season. In Tsumagoi, there is a farm (Tsumagoi Bokujo) and Yakusuhi-do Hall you can visit as well.

Please, have your snow chain ready for your vehicle if driving to Manza in winter season.

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