Mt. Tanigawa

Mt. Tanigawa

Mt. Tanigawa is covered with a layer of snow throughout the year.
It takes about 10 min to cover the 2.3km between Tanigawa-dake Doai-guchi and Tenjin- daira, 1,321m above sea level, by the Tanigawa-dake Ropeway. You can enjoy the scenic grandeur of the Tanigawa Mountain Range from the window of the ropeway.

This summer, people could enjoy the gorgeous stars view at Tenjindaira using the Tanigawadake Ropeway. Because there are no lights up there, visitors could view many stars while enjoying the nice cool weather.
This star watching event "Hoshi no Kanshokai" was very popular, and people were treated to a beautiful view.

If you missed this event, we strongly recommend viewing the changing leaves in fall. The view from ropeway makes you feel like you’re flying over the colored leaves!!
And of course, the ropeway takes you to the Tenjindaira Ski Resort in winter.

In spring, many kind of alpine plants and alpine meadow await you. If you make the connection to the next ropeway about 7 min away, you can go up even higher.
And now you know that every season has a different face to be enjoyed in the nature of present in Tenjindaira.

Gunma Prefecture is surrounded by mountains. About 10 ropeways and lifts are running at different places, and each one has different view. Please check out other ropeways and lifts!! <PDF/508KB>