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Isesaki Shimin no Mori Koen (Park)

Isesaki Shimin no Mori Koen (Park)

Now is the best time to utilize the facilities available at the park. Why not have a BBQ with your family?! Here are some of the activities you can enjoy:

Walkway Course: This course is wide and barrier-free. You might see some people jogging as well.
Bar-B-Q Spot: Towards the south side of stage is the bar-B-Q spot. (Office: 0270-20-3333).
Fuwa-fuwa Dome:  This is like a big trampoline. It's lots of fun and kids love it!! (* Remember to keep your eyes on your children and be careful to avoid injuries.)
Stage:  The design of this stage refers to the symbol of Springfield City in the U.S. state of Missouri which is a sister city to Isesaki . It is used for events or outdoor concerts.
Kusabue Hill: The height is 11m, and you can enjoy the view of Jomosanzan (The best three mountains in Jomo ) from top of the hill.

Access: 2663 Sanoh-cho, Isesaki-shi MAP
20min from Kitakanto Expwy’s Komagata IC

More info and pictures are HERE!!