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In this issue, we feature Kiryugaoka Amusement Park and Zoo. The park was originally situated in downtown Kiryu along the Shinkawa River but moved to the hilly area at the foot of Mt. Azuma in April 1971. It has been attracting many visitors since, especially families, but it rose to a national fame when a network TV shot and aired its popular TV drama series called MIRAI YUENCHI or Future Amusement Park, from 2007 to 2008.

The zoo opened on April 1, 1953 as the one and only public zoo in Gunma and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2004. Many trees and flowering plants are planted in the zoo, and cherry bloosoms and azaleas in the spring are particularly well known. Some animals are being kept unconfined, and there is an aquarium, too.

No admission fee is required for either the amusement park or the adjacent zoo, except for a small fee for rides in the park. If you are looking for an affordable place where you can spend a fun day with your friends and/or family, Kiryugaoko Amusement Park and Zoo could be your perfect choice! Find out about more details by accessing the addresses below.

Kiryugaoka Amusement Park
Kiryugaoka Zoo