Mt. Akagi

Mt. Akagi

Mt. Akagi is located almost in the middle of Gunma, and is well known as one of the three biggest mountains in Gunma called "Jomo Sanzan." Many of elementary schools use the each names of "Jomo Sanzan" for the team name of their athletic meets. Mt. Akagi has a face for every season. In spring, there is beautiful "1000 Cherry Trees Avenue" in the south part which has been selected as one of the "The 100 Cherry Sights in Japan." In summer and fall, people can enjoy hiking with greenery and colored leaves. Furthermore, in winter, people can enjoy fishing smelt at O-numa (Bigger pond), and skiing at a family ski resort at the top of the mountain. It only takes 50 min from Maebashi JR station to reach the top of Mt. Akagi by car. Have a great nature experience in your neighborhood.

- Mt. Akagi Summer Festival- Concert, Fireworks, Toro nagashi, and more
- Akagiyama Big Band Jazz Festival- Outdoor concert
- Akagi Shrine Lake Festival- It’s said that God of O-numa is for women.
- Akagi Shrine Fall Festival- Samurai parade, Budo performance

"Izumi Promenade"
This promenade is known as a Nature (greenery, flower, and water) and Art walk where people can enjoy the four seasons of nature. There are forty thousand trees, and the length of the promenade is 4 km. It was selected as "Best 100 Roadside Trees in Japan," and we can enjoy looking at the sculptures of famous artists.

There are many spots where kids and adults can have fun.
- Gunma Flower Park- It is a huge park full of flowers. They hold a Fire Works Festival in Summer.
- Akagi Height Ranch KRONENBERG- There are many activities such as horse riding, kart, archery, and German town where we can enjoy German bread, pizza, beer, and sausage.
- Sekai Meiken Bokujo (World Dog Ranch)- Communication park for dogs and people.
- Fureai Kan- Hot spring place which has a great night view from an open-air bath.

- Soba Noodle Road- There are historic and cozy soba places along the one street called "Soba Road".
- Ogo Green Flower Ranch- Frozen yoghurt is popular with everyone.

Kanetsu Expswy Maebashi IC→ National Route 17→ Prefectual Route 4/ Maebashi Akagi road.→ Mt. Akagi

JR Maebashi Station→ Fujimi Onsen (Fujimi Hot Spring)(aprx. 40min) → Mt. Akagi Visiter Center(aprx. 45min)

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Mt. Akagi in different seasons