It is said that shape of Gunma looks like a crane, and Oizumi is located in the neck part of it. It is famous as one of a big industrial zone in Northern Kanto. On the other hand, citizens worked hard for greenery, therefore it became a place of large park areas per person. Theme of Oizumi is “Love nature. Be surrounded by fresh air, clean water, and beautiful greenery.”
Since the laws for immigration were changed in 1990, many foreigners especially Brazilian have come for jobs and living in Oizumi. Since then, Brazilian and Japanese cultures have mixed, and make a unique style day by day.

“Oizumi Carnival”
This is the biggest event in Oizumi, and people look forward to enjoying it once a year. You could see the Samba show, drum show, and more. You can also enjoy Brazilian food or experience some Brazilian cultural activities. People love their culture and entertainment, so they have an original theme song called “Samba DE Oizumi” performed by local idol group “CoCoRo.”

“Izumi Promenade”
This promenade is known as a Nature (greenery, flower, and water) and Art walk where people can enjoy the four seasons of nature. There are forty thousand trees, and the length of the promenade is 4 km. It was selected as “Best 100 Roadside Trees in Japan,” and we can enjoy looking at the sculptures of famous artists.

There are many Brazilian restaurants, bars, and cafés where we can enjoy Brazilian Coffee, Feijoada,
Tapioca, Panqueca, Pao de queijo, and so on.
Enjoy the pierced and broiled meat in buffet style.
This typical Brazilian food is a stew of beans, beef, and pork.
-Pao de queijo
This is a cheese bun which is mixed with Tapioca powder. A good balance of crunchy and soft.
Beef and tomato sauce is wrapped by a crepe.
-Shimon Tea & Shimon Shochu
Shimon is type of sweet potato has a lot of vitamin K1 and fiber. It’s also said to be good for controlling weight.

By Train:
From Asakusa station in Tokyo → Tobu Isesaki Line express train for 60 minutes → Get off at Tatebayashi station → Change to Tobu Koizumi Line for about 15 minutes → Get off at Nishi Koizumi Station

By Car:
Kita Kanto Expwy about 20minutes from Ota Kiryu IC, or
Kanetsu Expwy for about 40 minutes from Higashi Matsuyama IC