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This month's folk festivals

Spring Flower Festivals

Every April, there are many events and festivals in different areas of Gunma related to hanami, flower-viewing. This season is a perfect time to go out and hang out at a park with your friends and family. It's a good idea to bring a bento/lunchbox and have a picnic under the trees. This month, we will introduce you great hanami events and spots in Gunma. We hope you enjoy this beautiful season of fresh air and warm sunlight.

Akagi Senbonzakura/1000 cherry trees on the south face of Mt. Akagi

Akagi Senbonzakura/1000 cherry trees on the south face of Mt. Akagi

Annually, many people visit the south side of Mt. Akagi to see the senbonzakura/1000 cherry trees in bloom. When full bloom, the trees, planted on both sides of the road, create a flower tunnel. This spot was selected as one of the best cherry blossom spots in Japan. Cherry blossoms are not only beautiful in the daytime, but also look gorgeous lit up at night.

When Early April to Mid. April
Sakura Festival April 7th (Sat.) ~ 22nd (Sun.)
Where The south side of Mt. Akagi (2511-2 Naegashima-machi Maebashi-shi) MAP
Contact 027-235-2211

Ota Shibazakura Matsuri/Ota Grass Cherry Blossom Festival

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Enjoy the fantastic view of the ground, covered in moss pink, and other flowers such as azalea, in bloom all over the park. Taking a walk under the glorious sky at this park will be so refreshing!

When April 4 (Wed.) ~ May 13 (Sun.)
Where Ota-shi Hokubu Undo Koen (2079-3 Godo-cho Ota-shi) MAP
Contact 0276-47-1840

Suisen Matsuri/Narcissus Festival

Agatsuma-machi is the number one producer of suisen/narcissus, the town flower. This event is very unique because you can enjoy both suisen and sakura at the same venue. The invigorating pink and yellow colors create such a lively atmosphere.

When April 15 (Sun.) ~ 11:00 ~ 16:00
Where Iwai Shinsui Koen (Iwai, Higashi Agatsuma-machi, Agatsuma-gun)
Contact 0279-68-2256

The 14th Wisteria Flower Festival in Fujioka

The 14th Wisteria Flower Festival in Fujioka

Every year, many people come to see Fujioka's wisteria. 45 different types of wisterias bloom at this park. What makes this park different is the way the wisterias are displayed. The flowers are hung from the ceiling of the arcade! When walking through this arcade, you will enjoy the calming scent of the wisteria.

When April 21 (Sat.) ~ May 13 (Sun.) 9:00 ~ 16:00
Where Fuji-no-saku Oka/ Fuji Fureai-kan (2690-7 Fujioka Fujioka-shi) MAP
Contact 0274-22-1211

Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Gunma PDF/664KB

Other Events

Flower and Green Festival in 2012 ~Developing Gunma Project in Maebashi~

Maebashi will host the Flower and Green Festival this year. This festival is designed to make the city and the community more vibrant and lively. You will see beautiful flowerbeds with different shapes and many types of flowers. During the festival, there will be fun events you can join and a stamp-rally. Also, as this year marks 120 years since the municipal government of Maebashi was established, Maebashi-shi will be hosting exciting events and projects to celebrate this anniversary. For visitors of and those new to Maebashi, please visit the city's multilingual site.

When April 14th (Sat.) ~ May 13th (sun.)
Where Maebashi Park, Keyaki Street (in front of JR Maebashi Station), Hirose river-side area MAP
Contact 027-226-3543

Annual World's No. 1 Carp Streamers Town Festival

Annual World's No. 1 Carp Streamers Town Festival

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At five sites in Tatebayashi city, more than 5,000 large and small decorative carp streamers swim in the spring wind and above the river. Enjoy the spectacular view of these once a year streamers.

When ~ May 11th (Fri.)
Where Tsuru-uda river, Kondo-numa, Morinji river, Tsutsujigaoka park inn, Tatara-numa MAP of TATEBAYASHI
Contact 0276-72-4111