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This month's folk festivals

Winter Illumination Spots in Gunma

Many places in Gunma have started their winter illumination displays as the Christmas season approaches. Each place has its own theme or purpose for their illumination display, especially this year. Some might say it is unnecessary to set up holiday light during such a trying time, but we believe that promoting local events such as illumination displays not only stimulates the local economy but also spreads holiday cheer to people affected both directly or indirectly by the March 11th disaster. Many places even upgraded their regular light bulbs to LED bulbs which are great for saving electricity. We hope you will enjoy the beautiful view of Gunma's winter wonderland. We appreciate your continuing support for trying to conserve electricity. Get bundled up and come out with us!

Harunako Illumination Festa 2011

Harunako Illumination Festa 2011

It is absolutely gorgeous to see the illumination display by Lake Haruna. Although Lake Haruna is usually very quiet, it becomes packed with many visitors around this time. This year, they upgraded the number of light bulbs to 4,000,000 and they are also expecting the number of the visitors to increase. Each display has a different theme. You will see many different shapes! There will also be an "under water Christmas tree", a particulary unique display. Children who visit the site can look forward to receiving Christmas gifts from Santa.

When December 9th (Fri.) ~ 27th (Tues.)
Where Visitor Center at the Lake Haruna (Takasaki-shi, Harunako-machi) MAP
Contact 027-374-5111 or 027-374-9116 (temporary line for the event)

Romantic Night in Kezoji Park 2011

During this time, some of the rides will be open till 21:00. On the 25th of December, they will offer free tickets to a ride (not sure which one yet) in the park to show appreciation.

When December 17th (Sat.) ~ 25th (Sun.) (Closed on December 20th)
Where Kezoji Park (Isesaki-shi, Kezoji-machi 1 banchi) MAP
Contact 0270-25-4478

Winter Illumination Spots in Gunma PDF (PDF/352KB)

Other Events

Maebashi International Exchange Party

It is time for the annual Maebashi International Exchange Party. Please come and enjoy the music, performances, and food from different countries. It is a great opportunity for you to meet people from all over the world.

When December 11th (Sun) 14:00 ~ 16:00
Where Genki Plaza 21 1F Nigiwai Hall (Maebashi-shi, Hon-machi 2-12-1) MAP
Fee JPY1, 000 (Tickets are on sale now.)
Contact 027-243-7788

Ikaho Green Bokujo/Farm Christmas Fair

Ikaho Green Bokujo/Farm

The Ikaho Green Bokujo will be decorated with Christmas ornaments!  During this time, there will be Christmas events and the restaurants will offer a special Christmas menu.  Also, strawberry picking will start around this time.  Check and see their amazing English page as well.

When December 1st (Thurs.) ~ 25th (Sun.)
Where Ikaho Green Bokujo/Farm (Shibukawa-shi, Kanai 2844-1) MAP
Contact 0279-24-5335

The 151st Yokoso Takasaki Ninjo Ichi/Takasaki Welcome Market

Enjoy shopping for fresh produce, traditional crafts and daily essentials at this event! Since this event is held at the end of December, traditionally people will be shopping and preparing for the New Year holiday in Japan. This market will be filled with flea markets and fun events. Come and see what a year-end busy street looks like in Japan!

When December 25th (Sun.)
Where Motenashi Hiroba (Takasaki-shi, Takamatsu-cho 1banchi) MAP
Contact 027-321-9262

Ikina Sekai No Gourmet Yokocho/ World's Famous Gourmet Gathering

There will be food stalls from different countries on the Izumi Ryokudo. Izumi Ryokudo is known for its beautiful view and trees and flowers.

When December 25th (Sun)
Where Izumi Ryokudo Hana No Hiroba (Ora-gun, Oizumi-machi Nishi Koizumi) MAP
Contact 0276-61-2038

"The Ski Day" Special Event!! ~Skiing and snowboarding lesson for children~

"The Ski Day" Special Event!! ~Skiing and snowboarding lesson for children~

On the day of Ski Day, the Ski Resorts Management Association of Gunma will offer a ski and snowboarding classes for children. They hope to teach children how fun it is to do these winter sports.

When January 15th, Sunday
Targeted customers Lower-class elementary school children (A course is for beginners and B course is intermediate level)
Fee Free
How to apply Apply by sending a postcard between November 1st, Tuesday and December 15th, Thursday.
Please write the following information on the post card
1) Mailing address, participants' full name, age, phone number
2) The number of participants
3) Chose ski or snowboard class
4) Chose A or B course
5) If you need the rental ski or snowboarding gear (If so, write the participant's height and shoe size next to their name.)
6) Guardian's name and his/her cell phone number
Mail the postcard with the information above to Gunma Ski Resorts Managers Association.
2-1-1 Otemachi, Maebashi 3710026 Gunma Kaikan 3F
The chosen participants will be notified via mail by December 23rd.
Contact 027-243-7273 Gunma Ski Resort Management Association