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This month's folk festivals

Gourmet Foods and Festivals of Gunma

Autumn has not arrived yet, but the hot summer weather has peaked and you probably have more of an appetite. Here are some fun events for those who love the local foods.

Gourmet contest Gunma vs. Tochigi –A gathering of local specialties in Kiryu– (PDF/1.15MB)

Gourmet contest Gunma vs. Tochigi –A gathering of local specialties in Kiryu–

For the first time ever, the city of Kiryu has organized an event, in which many food stalls and local produce stores from both Gunma and Tochigi will be in one place. Yagibushi dance and jazz performances will also be offered. Admission is free. If you go downtown, there is an antique fair and a Karakuriningyo (automated puppets) show. [You can also enjoy strolling the streets of Kiryu as the city is in the festive mood during these two days.]

When Sept. 3 (Sat) and 4(Sun)
Where Shinkawa Park 1-1 Inari-cho, Kiryu MAP
Contact 0276-32-2215

Oizumi Carnaval

Oizumi Carnaval

Every year, many people with different ethnic and national backgrounds gather in Oizumi for this event. Try different foods from around the world at the World Gourmet Alley, and watch the festive samba contest, a small-scale version of the contest held in Rio de Janeiro.

When Sept. 10 (Sat) 11:00-20:00
Where SANYO Baseball Ground (1-1-1 Sakata, Oizumi) MAP
Contact 0276-61-2038

The 21st Takasaki International Festival (PDF/868KB)

Delicacies of Brazil, the U.S., Sri Lanka and other countries are offered. Japanese cultural and handicraft workshops, including tea ceremony and others are also offered. There are stage performances, too. Please be there and enjoy mingling with people from around the world. Admission is free.

When Sept. 11(Sun) 14:00-17:00 Rain or shine
Where Motenashi Hiroba Square (No. 1 Takamatsu-cho, Takasaki) MAP
Contact 027-321-1201

The great gourmet foods of Gunma

The great gourmet foods of Gunma

From within Gunma and neighboring prefectures, approx. 100 shops and restaurants gather to offer their specialties. Udon or wheat noodles, Yakimanju or roasted buns with or without bean paste, and pork dishes are among them. Fresh local produce will be on sale. There will be events featuring Gunma-chan, too. Admission is free.

When Sept. 18(Sun), 19 (Holiday) 9:30-15:30
Where Kezoji Koen in Isesaki (Near sporting facilities) No. 1 Kezoji-machi, Isesaki MAP
Contact 027-226-3385

Road to the World Heritage: Take-a-bite-of-Gunma-food Fair

On the premises of the Tomioka Silk Mill, a concert called The World Heritage Theater will be held from Sept. 17(Sat) to Sept. 19 (Holiday), featuring first-rate artists. Tickets are on sale. Coinciding with the concerts and Japanese traditional craft exhibition, there will also be a tourism fair, where do-it-youself type events and tasting of food samples of local specialties are offered to enable visitors to get the feel of what the western part of Gunma can offer. As a special treat, an old electric train that has been restored for this summer is scheduled to run.

When Sept. 17(Sat), 18(Sun), and 19(Holiday)
Where Special venue created for the occasion near Tomiok Silk Mill
1-1 Tomioka, Tomioka MAP
Access 5-minute drive from Tomioka Exit of Joshinetsu Expressway and another 7-min walk from the parking lot
Contact 027-322-4681

Beer Festival (Kawaba-mura)

During Silver Week (a series of national holidays in the 4th week of September), visit Kawaba Den-en Plaza, a very popular road station in Kawaba-mura, where you can enjoy beers and dairy products made on the premises. Food stalls, street performances, and mini concerts will also be offered.

When Sept. 17(Sat), 18(Sun), 19(Holiday)
Where Kawaba Den-en Plaza No. 385 Oaza Hagimuro, Kawaba-mura, Tone-gun MAP
Contact 0278-52-3711

Minakami Onsen Oide Matsuri (Festival)

Oide means "Please come" in English.  Phonetically, it sounds like hot water has sprung in Japanese, so they named the festival "oide" in hopes of welcoming many people to Minakami hot spring.  The procession of portable shrines through the streets of Yubara is followed by a group of Oide dancers.  You can jump right in the group and dance, if you want to.

When Sept. 3 (Sat) 19:30-21:30
Sept. 4(Sun) 12:00-15:30
Where Yubara District of Minakami Spa Resort MAP
Access 5-minute drive from Minakami Exit of Kanetsu Expressway
Contact 0278-72-2611

Ikaho Matsuri (Festival)

Portable shrines are carried up to the top of the stone steps of Ikaho. On the 19th and 20th, floats are carried along the streets of downtown Ikaho. Anyone who is four years or older is welcome to join the procession. There is no need to wear a festival costume, so why not take part?

When Sept. 18(Sun), 19(Holiday), 20(Tue)
Where Ikaho's stone steps No. 2 Ikaho, Ikaho-machi, Shibukawa MAP
Contact 0279-72-3588