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This month's folk festivals

Seasonal Events (Spring)

One month after the March 11 earthquake, citizens of Gunma, where it hasn't been directly hit by the quake or the tsunami but has been suffering from the consequences of the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima, are in a so-called jishuku mood and refrain from partying. As the mood prevails, cities and towns of Gunma are cancelling or scaling down their events of the season. So, we bring you some of the events that will go on as scheduled despite the circumstances. Many of these events were not cancelled because the organizers wanted to help those affected in some way. We can help those affected not just by donating money and relief supplies but by going to these events and boost the local economy, which will help the quake-hit areas in the end. With fresh green leaves and brightly-colored flowers, May is one of the best months of the year in Gunma. Let's make the most of living in Gunma here and now.

Ikaho Sakura or Cherry Blossoms Fair

Ikaho Sakura or Cherry Blossoms Fair

Cherry blossom-viewing is best at mid-April thru the Golden Week, a series of national holidays starting from Showa Day on April 26 and ends on Children's Day on May 5. No illuminations this season due to saving electricity. Ikaho Green Bokujo or Ranch is offering many sweets featuring cherry blossoms. See the URL above for more details.

When Up to and including Sunday, May 8.
Where Ikaho Green Bokujo
2844 Kanai, Shibukawa MAP
Contact 0279-24-5335

Misato Shibazakura (Moss Pink) Festival

Enjoy the ground-covered moss pink under the glorious spring sky.
Visit the URL below to see a video of the flowers.

When Up to and including Saturday, May 5
Where Misato Shibazakura Park in Takasaki
1961 Yabara, Misato-machi, Takasaki MAP
Contact 027-371-5111

Wisteria Flower Festival in Fujioka

As suggested by its name, the City of Fujioka is a city closely associated with the wisteria flower and a place where there are many wisteria flower viewing spots. Please note that some of the events listed on the city's website have been cancelled due to the March 11 earthquake.

When Up to and including Sunday, May 8
Where Fujinosakuoka and Fuji Fureai Kan
2690-7 Fujioka, Fujioka MAP
Contact 0274-22-8111

Other events of the season

Carp Streamer Festival in Tatebayashi

Carp Streamer Festival in Tatebayashi

You see a notice of cancellation of the event on the website, but the city has decided to go ahead with a smaller scale event. This year, there will be approx. 1,000 carp streamers hung over the Tsuruudagawa River. Many of the streamers carry Tatebayashi citizens' message of hearty cheers to those affected by the March 11 earthquake.

When Up to and including, Sunday, May 15
Where Tsuruudagawa River, Tatebayashi (The main venue) MAP
Contact 0276-72-4111

HABATAKE Nakanojo Town and Japanese Sweets Tour presented by GTIA

Carp Streamer Festival in Tatebayashi

Rows of old houses still remain intact along the streets of Nakanojo Town, which blend nicely with the onsen hotels and Japanese inns of Shima.

Destination Nakanojo Town and Shima Onsen in Agatsuma (Stroll)
Lunch Homemade soba noodles and tempura of locally-produced vegetables with Japanese sweets as desert.
Tour itinerary Depart JR Takasaki/Nakanojo Station => Nakanojo Museum of Folk and History =>
Isama Studio Park =>  Lunch at Michinoeki or road station Reizan Takeyama =>  Shima Onsen Resort (Stroll) => Nakanojo Creative Communication Center TSUMUJI => Return to JR Takasaki/Nakanojo Station
When May 15 (Sun.); May 19 (Thurs.); May 23 (Mon.)
Tour fare JPY5,480 for guests joining at JR Takasaki Station and JPY5,280 for guests joining at JR Nakanojo Station.
Contact 027-243-7271 (Ask for GTIA's English-speaking staff)

Please note that there will be Japanese-speaking tour guides only.

More info. & sign up:

Note: Scheduled events are subject to change. Please confirm before attending.