Gunma Kenkyo Ryosen Trail

Gunma Kenkyo Ryosen Trail

The trail will complete as of March 2018, at which time it will be the country's only and the longest mountain ridge line trail. If you are an advanced mountain climber, five days is all you need to finish.

As you may know, nearly 70 percent of Japan is mountains. In Gunma, mountains occupy 67% of the land. Being a landlocked prefecture, Gunma offers its visitors rich natural landscapes throughout the four seasons.

The trail is roughly divided into five areas: Tanigawa Area, overlooking the beautiful foothill: -Mikunitoge Area, overlooking the shakunage alpine roses traverse: -Nozoriko-Yokoteyama Area, overlooking

Mt. Hachima and Mt. Shirasuna: -Kusatsu-Manza Area, overlooking Yoshigadaira Marsh from Shibutoge Mountain: -Baragi-Kazawa Area, overlooking Mt. Azumaya from south of the ridge line.

Here, there are mountains designated as the country's top 100/200 mountains, and many of them are inactive volcanoes. Where there is a volcano, there is onsen. Gunma's favorite and some of the country's most popular onsen resorts are here: Minakami, Shima, Kusatsu, and Manza. Two common features among these spa resorts are abundant onsen waters and onsen qualities of many varieties. You can relax and unwind at one of the onsen after trekking the Gunma Kenkyo Ryosen Trail, or you can use the onsen to alleviate fatigue from day-to-day work. Gunma's onsen are your best bet.

Mountain climbing is affected by many factors. Weather is one. You are vulnerable to injuries or getting lost in the mountains. To make it a successful mountain climbing, please prepare fully in line with the level of difficulty of the mountain you are going to climb or which season you are in.

Here are some of the things you should do to make sure your mountain climbing is safe. You may be required to submit a Mountain-Climbing Registration Form in some areas. For details, please visit the Gunma Prefectural Police HQ website at the following URL addresses.

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