Chatsubomigoke Koen [Jungermannia vulcanicola (Schiffn.) Steph. Park]

Chatsubomigoke Koen [Jungermannia vulcanicola (Schiffn.) Steph. Park]

Chatsubomigoke is a rare moss that grows in highly acidic waters. The park is considered precious for being an isolated place where one can witness the unique scenery of chatsubomigoke and iron bacteria together produced by iron. This is the reason for the recent designation.

There used to be an iron bed in the area, and strip mining was active until 1966. As a result, many depressions were created. Chatsubomigoke grows in these depressions. They are called Anajigoku, which literally translates to a hellhole. Acid springs well up in these depressions and provide an ideal environment for chatsubomigoke to grow. Chatsubomigoke Koen covers 2,000 square meters. It is located in a somewhat remote area of Nakanojo Town, but it sure is worth a visit.

Today, mosses are one of the booming destinations in Japan, so there are many visitors at Chatsubomogoke Koen. Listed below is the 2017 park schedule, which is subject to change without notice. Please check it's open before you visit.

Nakanojo Tourism Association sells round-trip day tours from Naganohara Kusatsukuchi Station of the JR Agatsuma Line to the park between May 1 and October 31 for JPY7,700 (adults) and JPY6,700(children). Lunch is included. For itinerary and other information, please visit the URL below.

Chatsubomigoke Koen Park
Location: 13-3 Ooaza Iriyama, Nakanojo-machi, Agatsuma-gun MAP
Contact: 0279-95-5111 (Nakanojo Tourism Assocaition)

Open (2017): April 28 (Fri.) – October 31 (Tue.) 9:00 - 15:30
Admissions: JPY500 (JPY300 for Nakanojo residents; Free admission for elementary school & under)

  1. Wear comfortable shoes, as you have to walk approx. 300m from the parking lot to the park.
  2. For the protection of plant life, keep on the pedestrian path.
  3. The park is off-limits to motor coaches.

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