Konnyaku (Konjac foods) Park

Konnyaku (Konjac foods) Park

Like potatoes, konjac foods are made from konjac imo ("yam" but called a "corm" in English). They consist of water and fiber. When they are processed into konjac foods, they contain glucomannan, which the human body cannot digest. That's why its calorie count is considered zero. 90% of nation's konjac yam is produced in Gunma.

You can make konjac foods yourself at home. First, you grate konjac imo and mush them well. Then, you add water and calcium hydrate (as a coagulating agent) and let them solidify in a bag or on a tray. Boil the stiff konjac with water and leave it for an hour or so.

Konjac Park offers activities including a factory tour, a konjac foods workshop, -where you can experience making konjac foods-, and all-you-can-eat konjac dish buffet. The workshop has a fee and requires reservation in advance. The buffet is free. Enjoy Konjac dishes of many varieties there. The park has a gift shop so you can buy konjac products to take home.

The park is a 15-minute drive from the national treasure and world heritage-designated Tomioka Silk Mill. It aims to sustain the culture of delicious and healthy konjac foods as part of Washoku, traditional Japanese cuisine, into the next 100 years.

On the park premises, there are footbath facilities for you to sit down and relax. To use the facilities, please bring your own towels.

Here you can enjoy the factory's variety of konjac foods lineup. People of all ages can have a very good time there.

Konnyak Park
204-1 Obata, Kanra-machi, Kanra-gun MAP
Open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Gates close a 5 p.m.)
Contact: 0274-60-4100

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