Kezouji Amusement Park

Kezouji Amusement Park

Gunma's specialty amusement park
Kezouji Amusement Park is such a popular place among Gunma's children that everyone has heard of it. It's a small park, but the Ferris wheel nicknamed Himawari, or sun flower, is visible from a far.  It is also a popular day-trip destination for many elementary schools, both inside and outside of Gunma.  At 65 meters tall, a 12-minute journey on Himawari gives you a great view of the Jomosanzan (the three most well-known mountains of Gunma, i.e. Mt. Akagi, Mt. Haruna, and Mt. Myogi.)  It runs rain or shine, and you can ride it in a wheel chair, too.

With a small amount of money, you can enjoy an entire day.
Each of more than a dozen rides cost you the same price as 30 years ago. Even as a family, you don't have to spend a fortune to please your children.  Isesaki Shimin Pool is located within a walking distance from the park, so in the summer you can go swimming.  There are rides for preschoolers that cost JPY50 per ride.

The adjacent park is full of things children love.
Next to the amusement park is Kezouji Park.  Seasonal flowers are a favorite full-year treat.  Cherry blossoms and azaleas in spring could be perfect settings for a family picnic or stroll.  For children, there is large mantis-shaped play equipment, a beetle-shaped slide, and a dragonfly-shaped seesaw.  Free parking spaces are also available.

With only a handful of amusement parks in Gunma, Kezouji could be your best choice thanks to its easy access and wallet friendliness.

Kezouji Amusement Park
1 Kezouji-machi, Isesaki MAP
Phone: 0270-25-4478

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