Gunma Heliport

Gunma Heliport

The Helicopter Gakushu-kan Hall, where you can learn all about helicopters in public service, was built in 1999. The hall is equipped with a flight simulator and attracts many visitors. It opens from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day all year round. No admission fee is required. (For group visits, please make a reservation in advance.)

Soranohi Festa (Cancellation subject to weather conditions)
The heliport's biggest event is the annual Soranohi Festa or the sky festival. Wouldn't you like to fly the skies of Gunma in a helicopter? By applying to a drawing in advance, you will have a chance to take a very short flight free. You can also fly for a fee on the day of the festival.

The festival program includes a tour of the facility, demonstration flights, and a display booth of Gunma Police HQ, Maebashi Fire Department, Japan Red Cross, and other public service entities. A fun event of trying on police uniforms for children as well as food stalls of chicken yakitori, yakimanju, whippy ice-cream, etc. will be offered. How about spending a clear September day at the heliport with your family?

Most airports in Japan offer an open house similar to Soranohi Festa at Gunma Heliport around this time of the year, when good weather usually prevails. Perhaps you want to check them on the Internet.

Gunma Heliport
Location: 377-2 Shimoauchi-machi, Maebashi MAP
Contact: (03) 6221-2386 (Japan Airport Consultants)

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