Akagi Kronenberg

Akagi Kronenberg

Kronenberg literally means a royal hill in German. To fully enjoy the park facilities and events which are catered to visitors who would like a taste of Germany, here are the attraction lineups.


At different workshops, you can make your very own butter, sausage, ice cream, candles, etc.

On a ranch, you can interact with animals by feeding rabbits, goats, sheep, and llama, watching a sheep dog show, as well as riding on a horseback. Among the most popular is the alpaca, the park's newest addition.


The park offers playground equipment with which you can spend an entire day with your family. Making the round of the park on a small train is a very popular attraction. Others are archery facility, boat ride on a small pond, go-cart truck, sled on 32-meter lawn slope, etc.


The German restaurant uses the finest ingredients selected by the chef. At the barbeque house, local produce is offered to visitors. There is a pizza and bread restaurant, a bakery where oven-fresh bread and house-brewed beers are offered, and a sausage shop.

At Kronenberg, you can spend a day in workshops of different variety, drinking German beer, or perhaps just by relaxing in a quiet area near the pond.

Akagi Kronenberg
Park Facility Map (PDF)
Location: 2331 Naegashima-machi, Maebashi MAP
Phone: 027-283-8451
Hours: 9:00-17:00
Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays unless otherwise noted.
(Please call to check for unscheduled holidays and hours which change depending upon the seasons.)

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