Fujido (Stalactite cave)

Fujido (Stalactite cave)

Fujido is designated as a prefectural natural monument. It was discovered 1,200 years ago. There was dense untouched forest, and many wild beasts lived there at the time. One day, villagers saw a herd of monkeys making loud noises as they looked inside a big hole on the ground. So the villagers went inside the hole and subsequently found a cave. This is how Fujido is said to have been discovered.

About 400 years ago, Fujido was a place of training for religious seekers. In the 1960's, Ueno-mura decided to develop the area as one of their sightseeing spots. It is now called Kawawa Shizen Koen (Kawawa Natural Park). Along with Fujido, the Ueno Sky Bridge, auto-camp site, camping site, and other tourist spots attract many visitors.

Location: 665 Kawawa, Ueno-mura, Tano-gun
Phone: 0274-56-2146
Hours: 9:00-17:30 (Apr.-Nov.) 10:00-15:00 (Dec.-Mar.) *Note that doors close 30 min. before.
Please call in for unscheduled closings before your visit.
Admission: JPY600 for adults and JPY300 for children (elementary & Jr. high school students)

Fujido Cave by a Gunma JET

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