Mikazuki-mura literally translates crescent moon village. About 40 years ago, a popular samurai TV show was aired on a national network. It portrayed the life of Kogarashi Monjiro, who was a samurai and a gambler. Mikazuki-mura was his hometown and was located in the present Yabuzuka part of Ota. As you enter the park, there is a sekisho, which is the point where you have to exchange your money with the Edo coins called mon-sen to spend in the park. You'll find an Edo-style café, restaurant, and gift shop beyond the entry gate.

Besides the house where Kogarashi Monjiro was born, and an inn, there are three attractions. Kaiigendo is a cave you can experience "a journey to the center of the earth." At the karakuri-yashiki, or trick house, you can try finding your way out of mazes. At fukashigi-do, you have a hard time balancing yourself due to the visual mirror tricks. All in all, you will feel as if you were in an Edo village.

Last but not least, Mikazuki-mura is an eco-friendly theme park. The minimum amount of electricity is used because, as you can imagine, there was no electricity back then. Also, mosquito repellent is recommended if you visit there in the summer.

Address: 3320 Yabuzuka-cho, Ota MAP
Contact: 0277-78-5321
Hours: 9:30 - 16:00
Closed on Fridays and from Dec. 25 thru 30 (Prior to visit please call for unscheduled holidays.)
Admissions: JPY600 + Tax for adults, JPY300 + Tax for children
Package (Admission and attractions): JPY1,500 + Tax for adults, JPY1,000 + Tax for children

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