Ikaho Green Bokujo

Ikaho Green Bokujo

Ikaho Green Bokujo opened in 1970. You'll find these attractions on the ranch premises, which is as large as nine baseball stadiums combined. In the spring, 1,500 cherry trees are in full bloom. In the summer, the vast expanse of green pasture spreads everywhere. In the fall, colored leaves and jumbo-sized pumpkins welcome the visitors. In the winter, strawberries are ripe for picking.

The ranch is based on the concept of enjoying being close to nature, people, and culture, and visitors can interact with animals surrounded by the rich nature at the foot of Mt. Haruna. One attraction that you cannot miss is the sheepdog show. A sheepdog maneuvers 100 sheep on the ranch. Here are typical events where you can interact with animals the ranch offers for a fee: milking cows, horseback riding, interacting with sheep and goats, and petting rabbits. Touching animals that live in the great nature may not be part of your everyday life, so this could be a place for you to make unforgettable memories.

For those who love to eat, barbequing is available at the ranch. There is a restaurant, a café ,an ice cream shop, and Mou Mou Bar, where they sell sweets.

Ikaho Green Bokujo
Address: 2844-1 Kanai, Shibukawa MAP
Phone: 0279-24-5335
Open: 9:00 to 16:00 (10:00 to 16:00 in winter)
Admission fees:
JPY1,200 for adults (Jr. high school students or older)
JPY600 for children (3 years or younger)

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