Nippon Silk Center

Nippon Silk Center

In addition to a variety of exhibitions, the center is a facility that has digital technologies such as games and videos incorporated effectively so visitors can learn about the silk culture and sericulture industry in Gunma while they are having fun. For visitors to experience the magnificence of silk, the center offers workshops for hand-weaving and dyeing silk. Other hands-on type exhibitions taught by instructors are regularly offered, which include weaving, dyeing, cocoon-crafting, and Japanese cloth making. The silk shop sells daily necessities and cosmetics made from cocoons. There are exhibitions about the history of sericulture since the Yayoi Period (4 BC to 3 AD) and the history of the sericulture and filature industries that flourished in Gunma. These exhibitions at the center are good for young people to understand Gunma's sericulture industry, which was so important for Gunma Prefecture to become what it is today. For older people, they are the reminders of their childhood.

There are two buildings on the premises. One is the main building where visitors can participate in workshops to experience dyeing, weaving, etc. The other building is dedicated to exhibitions such as the history of silk and the sericulture industry in Gunma. Both buildings are built to look like a sericulture farm house.

More than 470,000 people have visited the Silk Center since it opened 16 years ago. Many different kinds of exhibitions, both regular and special programs, are offered throughout the year at the center. Reservations are required for some of the workshops, so please confirm with the center before your visit. For more details about silk and sericulture and filature industries in Gunma, please visit the Center's English Guide.

Nippon Silk Center
Address: 888-1 Kaneko-machi, Takasaki-shi MAP
Phone: 027-360-6300

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