Prefectural Kannonyama Family Park

Prefectural Kannonyama Family Park

The Prefectural Kannonyama Family Park is huge (60.3 hectare) and surrounded by rich nature where you can spend a day relaxing or having fun. Park facilities include a grass recreation area, an outdoor barbeque place, fountains, and a roller slide built in the relaxation area. Visitors can spend a day in the park viewing cherry blossoms in spring, playing with the water fountain and barbequing in summer, and walking along a hiking trail in autumn.

Mori-no Supo Reku Hiroba (Grass Recreation Area)
It is large enough to have three soccer fields. You can play badminton, ground golf, or just enjoy kicking a ball around. From toddlers to grown-ups, the area is a place to play freely.

Mizu-to Hana-no Hiroba (Open space for water and flowers)
Funsui Hiroba (Fountain Square) is open from April to November.  Children can have a lot of fun playing with small fountains from which water shoots up more than one meter high. Bringing a change of clothes with you will probably be a good idea. Besides the fountains, there is other playground equipment children would love.

Barbeque Hiroba (Outdoor barbeque place)
This place is open from March to November. It offers 26 sets of barbeque facilities, tables, and chairs. There is no fee, but you have to make a reservation in advance. (Reservations are open from one month in advance.) Parking Lot Number 2 is most convenient for barbecue facility users.

Satoyama Sansaku (Strolling along the village forest)
In the east area of the park, there is a hiking trail called Satoyama.  On the trail, you will find remains of an old castle, flowers of the season, and a view of the City of Takasaki on a fine day. It takes about one hour for an adult to walk along the well-maintained trail. A map of Satoyama is available either at the entrance or the Service Center of the Craft Studio.

Baiten Joho (Shop information)
Besides the café, there are shops that sell bread, rice balls, ice cream, gelato, and crepes.

Map of park facilities

FY 2013 Events
A lot of events designed for young children, pregnant mothers, senior citizens, and families are being offered throughout the year. These events include concerts, the Gunma Citizen's Festival, a marathon race, and flea market, to name a few.
*Please note that no pets are allowed.
*No bicycles are allowed (except for children's bicycle with training wheels).

Prefectural Kannonyama Family Park
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