The Ueno Sky Bridge

The Ueno Sky Bridge

The 225-meter-long suspension bridge is also known as the Sky Bridge. The view from the 90-meter-high bridge is out of this world. Walking on the bridge makes you feel like you are taking a stroll in the sky of Ueno-mura. Accommodations are available at nearby facilities, so it's a good place for families to visit.

On the suspension bridge, you can feel it swaying when you walk on it even on a not-so-windy day. (Be careful on a windy day!) A soap bubble making machine is installed in the middle of the bridge, creating countless bubbles in the air. Soap bubbles can be seen for 15 minutes at eleven o'clock, one o'clock, and three o'clock on weekends, holidays, and every day from the end of July to August. (Subject to cancellation depending on weather conditions)

The Fujido nearby is located in an area known as a rarely-visited region of Gunma. The cave is 2.2 kilometers long and is the longest such cave in the Kanto Region. When you go in to the cave, mysterious scenes that are lit up unfold before you such as huge stalactite pillars and branch caves that you can barely go through. About 400 years ago, a Buddhist monk explored the cave and many parts of the cave are named after Buddha. It takes about 40 minutes to walk around the cave.

Other scenic spots in the vicinity include the Kyoryu Center (Dinosaur Kingdom Nakasato) in Kanna-machi and the Kannako (Lake Kanna) in Fujioka. The Kyoryu Center displays fossil of dinosaurs and offers a fossil digging experience (reservation is required). The Kannako is a dam lake, and you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring and colored leaves in the fall. Fishing (crucian carp and smelt) and boat rides are also available.

Ueno-mura Tourist Information
Sky Bridge address: Ueno-mura, Tano-gun, Gunma MAP
Sky Bridge Toll: JPY100 (round trip)
Contact: 0274-59-2146