Isobe Onsen

Isobe Onsen

Isobe Onsen water contains copper-bearing iron, sodium, and a chloride/hydrogen carbonate strong base. It is believed to be good for nerve pain, wounds, burns, skin diseases, diseases specific to women, and gastrointestinal diseases. A new springhead was discovered in 1996, and the city of Annaka built a day onsen facility called Megumino-yu. The day onsen has large baths, open-air baths, and sand baths, which contain lots of minerals. This natural onsen facility is friendly to people of all ages as well as to physically-handicapped people. There is a foot bath near the day onsen, so visitors who don't have time to enjoy the day onsen can still get a taste of Isobe Onsen.

From the end of June to mid-September, Yana is open in the Isobe Onsen resort. Yana is a place where you can enjoy freshwater fish cuisine.  Freshwater fish like smelt caught in the clear water of Usui River by Yana's traps are served in various ways, such as broiled with salt, fried, barbequed, or as sashimi (sliced raw fish).

For something to take home as a souvenir, there is Isobe Senbei (Japanese crackers) made of onsen waters, wheat, and sugar. It is very popular for its crisp texture.

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Sightseeing spots surrounding Isobe Onsen
Akima Bairin (Plum Grove) Festival (PDF)
A 50-hectare ground along the upper stream of Akima River, Akima Bairin has more than 35,000 plum trees.  During the festival period of mid-February through the end of March, various events such as Japanese drum performances and plum branch giveaways will be offered at the grove where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the arrival of spring.

Former Residence of Jo Niijima
Jo Niijima (1843-1890) is known as the apostle of peace.  Born as the first son of Tamiji Niijima, a samurai of Annaka Clan, he went to the United States in his youth as a stowaway, where he studied Christianity. After returning to Japan, he established a university advocating education based on Christianity and engaged in propagating Christianity. The former residence of Jo Niijima is a two-story wooden house that features both Japanese- and Western-style rooms, which was uncommon at the time. He also founded Annaka Church nearby and preached Christianity.

Location: Annaka, Annaka-shi
Open from 9:00 to 16:00
Closed on Mondays, year-end/New Year holidays, the day followed by a national holiday, and Tuesdays if a national holiday falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday
Free admission

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