Yabuzuka hot spring

Yabuzuka hot spring

Yabuzuka onsen or hot spring is located in Yabuzuka-cho, Ota-shi. The spring water is transparent with no color. The quality of the hot spring water is sodium hydrogen carbonate, effective in treating fatigue. This spring's history can be traced back to around 668 and 671, when the Tenchi Emperor was ruling the country. In addition to the endless spring water supply, this transparent mild sodium bicarbonate water is believed to soothe the skin and helps the liver function.

In the Yabuzuka hot spring area, there are three hot spring inns and two tourist hotels. The access from the Kita-kanto expressway was improved recently, making it possible for tourists to take a day trip to Yabuzuka hot spring as well.

Surrounding tourist spots

Mikazuki-mura is a theme park that simulates a village from the Edo period. The park was based on a village of a famous samurai TV show broadcasted in the 1970s. At this park, you will be able to experience the authentic atmosphere of an Edo town and feel as if you time traveled to the Edo period. The park includes several facilities such as Karakuri-yashiki - a house with a maze, Giyaman-yakata - a house where various fun mirror tricks are installed, Fukashigi-zo - a house where people cannot balance themselves due to tricks, and Kai-igendo - a dark and mysterious cave which people can explore.

Japan Snake Center
The facility accommodates more than 20,000 various kinds of snakes such as Japanese mamushi/vipers, king cobras and other international snakes. The center provides several workshops such as those to learn about reptiles and how to remove poison from a hubu. Some restaurants at the center offer snake dishes. According to the Chinese zodiac, next year (2013) is the Year of the Snake. Why not visit there in the New Year?

Onsen Shrine
This shrine is located in the northern part of the onsen town, at the top of a hill. Spring water gushes out at the foot of the shrine. Yakushi-nyorai, who appears in the legend of Yabuzuka onsen, is enshrined in the yakushi-do hall located on the left side of the onsen shrine.

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