Gunma Insect World

Gunma Insect World

The Insect Observation Building is a dome-shaped building that stands as a symbol of Gunma Insect World. Besides exhibits, a number of programs are offered here, including nature observation programs. The heart of these programs is to promote an interest in insects to all Gunma citizens, especially children. Visitors can catch insects on-site and ask questions about them. There is also a movie theater that can accommodate 150 people. In the annex building, there is a follow-up study corner that houses more than 10,000 books, including picture books and other books that one can read to enjoy learning more about insects.

The Museum Shop sells a variety of goods and books related to insects as souvenirs. There is also a café in the shop where you can buy beverages and snacks.

Because the facility is run by Gunma Prefecture, free admission is offered on Gunma Citizen’s Day (October 28) every year. Special programs are also offered for the occasion.

Gunma Insect World is a Kiryu designated important cultural asset. Components of traditional pastoral life have been preserved in the 45-hectare site, including groves of trees, rice paddies, cultivated fields, mulberry orchards (for raising silkworms) and a thatch-roofed farmhouse. Various programs are offered throughout the year, so please visit and find your favorite insect.

Admission: JPY400 for adults (JPY320 for group fare)
JPY200 for university and high school students (JPY160 for group fare)
Free for 15 years old (junior high-school students) and under

*People with physical/mental disability certificates or rehabilitation certificates get free admission along with one caretaker.
*Group fare applies for groups of 20 people or more

Website in English (PDF)

Event calendar (PDF)
A small fee between JPY100 and 300 will be charged for some of the programs.

Gunma Insect World

Phone: 0277-74-6441 FAX: 0277-74-6466
Address: No. 460-1 Tsurugaya, Niisato-cho, Kiryu MAP
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