National-designated site of scenic beauty, Rakusan-en (Rakusan Garden)

National-designated site of scenic beauty, Rakusan-en (Rakusan Garden)

The garden was created by well-established artisans with high-quality material from various places in Japan. The garden consists of rolling land, several different types of teahouses including "Plum Teahouse" and "Pentagon-shaped Teahouse"; a large pond decorated with special stones. Also, people enjoy taking a walk on the well-designed garden walking paths. Rakusan-en is surrounded by beautiful mountains named Momiji-yama, Renseki-zan and Kumakura-yama. The collaboration of the garden and the mountains makes a spectacular Japanese garden view.

Having many teahouses in the garden, the Rakusan-en is believed to have a close relationship with the famous military commander, Oda and his tea ceremonies. Therefore, the Rakusan-en is a very important historical and cultural asset of our prefecture. The view from the Plum Teahouse located on the top of the hill is absolutely breathtaking and makes people feel as if they were the kings of the land.

In the neighboring area of Rakusan-en, there are nature trails, grassland and sports arenas along with the Ogawa River. The people living in the area enjoy taking a walk on the nature trails and there is an increasing number of tourists who visit Rakusan-en after they visit Tomioka Silk Mill or Gunma Safari Park.

Address: Gunma-ken Kanra-gun Kanra-machi Owaza Obata 650-1 MAP
Business hours: March ~ October/ 9:00 A.M. ~ 5:00 P.M. (Not allowed getting in the park after 4:30 P.M.)
November ~ February/ 9:00 A.M. ~ 4:00 P.M. (Not allowed getting in the park after 3:30 P.M.)
Closed on: Year-end and New Year holidays
Fees: People older than high school students – 300 yen
For groups including 20 people or more – 250 yen
Children younger than junior high school students – Free of charge.

Also, people with one of the following certificates and one caretaker of the applicable person can get in the garden for free of charge.

We have two wheel chairs at the entrance for those in need. Please use the barrier-free entrance located on the side of the main gate.