Gunma Flower Park

Gunma Flower Park

One of the notable features of the park is its scale. The 184,000-square-meter park is about the size of four Tokyo Domes. Throughout the year, Gunma Flower Park is decorated with flowers of the season. Why not check the updated blossom report and guide map to plan your visit? Here are some of the park's popular attractions.

Flatopia (Flowerbeds)
As you enter the front gate, flowers of the season are blooming on flowerbeds covering an area of approximately 6,000 square meters. Tulips in the spring, salvia in the summer, cosmos in the fall, and pansies in the winter all blossom beautifully. Behind the gigantic flowerbeds, there is an 18-meter Park Tower against a background of Mt. Akagi, Mt. Fuji, and even the Tokyo SKYTREE.

There are five greenhouses covering 2,491square meters, each of which is set up under a specific theme; namely, orchids, tropical flowering trees, begonias, cactuses, and one for seasonal events.

Four seasons at the park
Along with peach blossoms, 150,000 tulips can be seen in the spring. In Japan we decorate peach blossoms during the Doll's festival on March 3. 1,500 roses (250 different varieties) in the rose garden are exquisite in early summer. The big dahlia in summer under the scorching sun are impressive. Following the autumn foliage at its best, there are white and pink sasanqua in winter.

The park offers handicraft classes using pressed flowers, both for adults and children. Reservations are required. For details, please visit the park's website. Classes to learn about flowers and greenery are also offered regularly in the Flowers and Greenery Learning Center. Subjects include how to grow and/or appreciate certain flowers.

For children
Besides the enormous open space to play, the park offers "Treeing", an activity using harnesses and ropes created for children so that they can climb trees very easily. The park regularly offers the Treeing sessions on a first-come-first-served basis. JPY1,000 fee is required. Please check their website for schedule. There are also character performances and fireworks on a regular basis.

Other services
There are gift shops and restaurants. Sometimes, the park gives out flowers for free for those who can come to pick them up. There is no fixed schedule for flower giveaways, so please contact the park for more details.

Gunma Flower Park: