Akagi Nanmen Senbonzakura and the surrounding area

Akagi Nanmen Senbonzakura and the surrounding area

The Akagi Senbonzakura/Akagi 1000 cherry trees at the foot of the south face of Mt. Akagi are located in the northeast of Maebashi-shi. In 1956, people in the community came together and started planting someyoshino cherry trees on route 353. As a result of 3-year continuous effort, they were able to plant 1,400 trees and created a "3.5 km-long cherry-tree-lined street" which leads up to the Chuji hot spring.

Along with the 1000 cherry trees, people can also enjoy 12-hectare of land covered with beautiful moss phlox. Both the cherry blossoms and the moss phlox make a spectacular scene.

The cherry trees, planted about 50 years ago, have not changed their beautiful appearance, and visitors enjoy the gorgeous blossoms every year.

The Senbonzakura festival is hosted annually during this season. During the festival, the cherry blossoms are lit up at night so that visitors can enjoy them both day and night.

Near the Senbonzakura, there is a "German Country farm-theme park" called "Akagi Highland Kronenberg". This park hosts many events throughout the year, including sheepdog trials. You can let your dog run free in 6,900 square meters of free space. Also, you can ride on a go-kart or play miniature golf game. There are restaurants that serve handmade German cuisine along with some local beer. You can also try your hand at making sausages, bread and butter.

After driving for a while, you will see the Gunma Flower Park which covers 184,000 square meters of land. The park is home to various seasonal flowers and plants divided into different garden design types such as the Japanese-style garden and the English-style garden. The park also accommodates 5 different greenhouses that house diverse flowers and plants.

The symbol of Ogo Green Flower bokujo/farm is the Dutch-style windmill, the biggest windmill in the North Kanto region. Inside the farm, there is an observatory deck, a playground for children and a petting zoo, where children can pet sheep and ponies. Every spring, the 35-year-old cherry trees bloom at the farm.

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