Shima Onsen (hot spring)

Shima Onsen (hot spring)

In 1952, the area around Shima was designated as a special national park in order to preserve its nature and spring water. Shima unlike other resorts tries to preserve and co-exist with nature. You will see many traditional Japanese inns and other classical buildings along with several modern buildings which make Shima an interesting spa resort. The atmosphere of Shima onsen resort is perfect for everyone!

It was believed that the Shima Onsen was discovered 1,180 years ago by Tamura-maro Sakano-ue, a shogun of the Heian Period. Another local story claims that Hyuganokami Usui Sadamitsu, an important samurai of Minamoto Yorimitsu in the Heian Period, discovered the onsen. Shima which means "forty thousand" in Japanese was named because its spring water was believed to heal 40,000 different illnesses. Since the Eiroku period, Shima onsen has been known as a place for toji, or hot springs recuperation.

In Shima hot springs resort, the people try to preserve great nature and truly enjoy an authentic onsen experience. Unlike other resorts, Shima does not have many fancy restaurants or shopping malls. The lack of commercial distractions enables people to more fully enjoy this good old-fashioned Japanese hot springs resort. The heartwarming atmosphere of Shima Onsen resort will promise you a one-of-a-kind experience.

There are several tourist spots around Shima hot springs resort. Please check the URL below for more information.

If you are stressed out or are tired of the busy life style in a big city, please visit Shima onsen for vacation.

Therapeutic benefits of Shima onsen

It has been believed that the hot spring of Shima treats more than 40 thousand illnesses such as gastroenteropathy, neurological pain, rheumatism, arthritis, frozen shoulder syndrome, and skin trouble. Drinking Shima's spring water is believed to relieve constipation, diabetes, and gastroenteropathy.

Quality of Shima's hot spring

Water Temperature: 40- 80 degrees C
Spring Nature: sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), chloride (Cl) and sulfate salt
Rate of flow: 3,500 litter per minute
Number of spring sources: 43
Potable: Yes

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By train: approximately 40-minute bus ride from JR Agatsuma line Nakanojo Station (Kanetsu Kotsu Bus)
By express Bus: Direct bus to Shima hot spring runs from Tokyo Station.
By car: approximately 60 minutes from Ikaho IC on the Kanetsu Jidosha-do via Route 17 and 353.