Mizusawa Udon/ Noodles

Mizusawa Udon/ Noodles

Joshu/Gunma has been known for its wheat produce for a long time. Currently, it is the second biggest producer of wheat in Japan. Mizusawa udon, the Japanese white noodle, is characterized by its thick texture and transparency. These characteristics are created only through the use of high quality wheat flour and fresh spring water from the mountains.

There are 13 restaurants registered at the Association of the Trademark Registration of Mizusawa Udon around Mizusawa Temple/Kannon, 7~8 minutes from down town Ikaho by car.  The characteristics of Mizusawa udon vary among the restaurants but they are all proud of their own udon, soup, tempura and affordable prices!  Mizusawa udon can only be found in Mizusawa whereas other brands such as Inaba and Sanuki can be found everywhere.
We hope you enjoy visiting Mizusawa!

Access to Ikaho/Mizusawa MAP

There is a bus to Ikaho Onsen via Mizusawa from Takasaki Station at the West Exit. Please be aware that the bus is running only twice or three times a day.

Approximately 30 minutes (12km) from Shibukawa/Ikaho IC

Mizusawa Shuttle Bus
There is a shuttle bus from Ikaho to Mizusawa. The fare is 100 yen for one-way. (Elementary school students: 50 yen, Pre-school children: free) For more information, visit here.

Other tourist spots around Mizusawa
Ikaho Onsen, Ikaho Green Bokujo/Farm, Yumeji Takehisa Memorial, Artenade