Takumi-no-sato (Artisan Village) in Minakami

Takumi-no-sato (Artisan Village) in Minakami

Houraku-kan is the name of an information center.  It has a "Michinoeki" or a road station inside, where you can dine, buy fresh local produce, join a soba or buckwheat noodle-making class, or rent bicycles. Many visitors to Takumi-no-sato stop by here to base their workshop tours. Riding a bicycle comes in handy at Takumi-no-sato.

For more information on each of the workshops, click to see the PDF file.

Restaurant Information in Takumi-no-sato
Takumi-no-sato has many restaurants where people enjoy the local products such as soba or buckwheat noodle, udon or wheat noodle, tofu, tempura, and konnyaku or devil’s tongue. You can also BBQ at the fruit orchard located 5 minutes by car from Takumi-no-sato.

Fruit Park
The Fruit Park, approximately 6.5 hectares in size, grows ten different kinds of fruits. The park features gelato stores and workshops for baking home-made bread and jelly. Barbeque grills can also be rented at the park.

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Access information:
Address: 847 Sukawa Minakami-machi, Tone-gun MAP
Phone: (0278) 64-2211