Gunma Prefectural Library

Gunma Prefectural Library

There is a Japanese word "Dokusho (reading) no Aki (fall)" means "Because fall weather is very comfortable, it's a great time for reading."
2010 is established as The National Reading Year. Let us introduce you to the Gunma Prefectural Library where there are many books, news papers, and magazines in Chinese, Vietnamese, Persian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

This library is located in Maebashi, and at the 1st reading room on the 1st floor is an International Library Section. The total number of books is 30,025. (By Mar 2009)

First of all, please get a Gunma Prefectural Library's member card. (You will need your ID such as driver's license, student ID, or health insurance card.)
It will be valid for five years, and if you live far away from the library, you can borrow and return a book at the other public library close to your house. Please ask for the details.

The 2nd floor research room will help you find the book you are looking for. Even though the book you are looking for is in another prefecture, it might be possible to get it from them. You might have to pay for the shipping cost, but we recommend you to ask the staff member first.

In addition, on the 1st & 2nd floor, you can use the Internet by the hour after you sign up. It is just for researching, and doesn't have a printer.

Other public libraries that have more than 1,000 western books:
Maebashi City Library, Kiryu City Library, Isesaki City Library, Ota City Central Library, Oizum Town Library

Why don't you visit this library to read some books in your own language?

Gunma Prefectural Library