Gunma-no Cycling Road (Path)

Gunma-no Cycling Road (Path)

Click on Himitsuno Gunma Paths  for the list of recommended travel plans by bicycle in the central parts of Gunma.  The prefectural government has been encouraging its residents to use bicycles in an effort to reduce carbon footprints of Gunma, which should also benefit them in terms of good health and environmentally-friendly living.  To help its residents use bicycles more, the prefectural government has been constructing paths.  Tonegawa Path is one of them.  It starts at  Azuma-gawa-koen in Shibukawa-shi and finishes at the Musashi-ohashi Bridge in Saitama alongside the great Tone River.  You will find rest stops at intervals of between one to three kilometers as well as parks, temples, and other historical sites.

Of late, employers request their employees, regardless of whether they are car owners or not, to commute by bicycle to reduce the carbon footprint of their organization.  The City of Maebashi and the Gunma Prefectural Government are among them, accounts of which have been reported by local media.

We recommend that you obtain a free map of these paths to help you get around more easily.  You can pick them up either at the Kenmin Center (Residents’ Center) on the 2nd floor of the Prefectural Government Bldg. or at doboku-jimusho’s (civil engineering offices) which are located at five of the kenmin-kyoku (Residents’ Affairs Bureau).

In addition, there is a path map specifically designed for those who want to go to the Tokyo Disney Resort by bicycle. It covers the tri-prefecture path along the Tone and Edogawa Rivers.  Check Tone & Edo Rivers Path Map   If you are an experienced cyclist, why not try this path?

Click on Maebashi Bicycle-Train for information on a unique bicycle experience.

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