Gunma Children's Land

Gunma Children's Land

In the kid’s open space, there is a pond and fountains, making it an ideal place for a family picnic.  Rides include a panorama chair, a cycle monorail, a cycle train, battery cars, nine unique bicycles, and a summer bobsleigh, all of which are available for a fee as little as 100 yen.

You will need more than one day because the place is so vast, and there are so many things you can enjoy.  For instance, it has a unique obstacle course with 27 different features, an expansive lawn garden, and many more places such as fluffy dome and mountain climbing with rope.  Adventure fort is where children can enjoy sliding down a tube at no charge.  It is called the tube slider and has been very popular.

Where do you eat your lunch?  You can either enjoy picnicking or go to the restaurants on the premises where they serve good food with reasonable prices.

Children's Hall
Inside the Wonder Land, there are two rooms.  One is an exhibition room equipped with many devices so children can play using a scientific approach.  The other is a high-definition theater with a large screen.

In the Space Theater, they have an 18-meter diameter dome screen, featuring planetarium shows on constellations we see in each of the four seasons.

In the PC Room, children can go online and/or play learning games.

Children's Library has a collection of books, including fairy tales from around the world, picture story books, pictorial books, and encyclopedias, and they have been the source of aspiration for many children.

Craft Room provides children with opportunities to be creative. The staff selects a certain craft every month, and the children can use all types of materials available there to enjoy their own creative activity.

Play Room has play equipment of all sizes and variety, which are periodically replaced to keep the children interested.

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Gunma Children's Land: 480 Nagate-cho, Ota-shi (Phone: 0276-22-1766)

By train: 1.6km from Sanmaibashi Station of Tobu Kiryu Line
Bicycles (rented free) are available at the station.