Maebashi Park and Lunar Park Maebashi

Maebashi Park and Lunar Park Maebashi

There is a pond made in the shape of Gunma Prefecture and named "Sachinoike", meaning the pond of happiness.  Rows of cherry blossoms are planted on a bank, which is the remains of the Maebashi Castle.  In cherry blossom-viewing seasons, many stalls will be set up there, and together with the lighted lantern-fringed pond, makes the place an ideal spot for enjoying them at night.

On the Tone River bed west of the pond, there is a fountain that shoots up more than ten meters high, which is something of a sight to see. A small pond and waterfall are created for children, who love to play with water. It's a quiet and peaceful place, and people of Maebashi, both young and old, come here to relax. 

Lunar Park was built using part of the land in Maebashi Park and was opened in 1954.  It still remains as the most longed-for amusement parks in Japan.  Children need as little as 10 yen to use the playground equipment.  Of those, "dummy horses" are the first production by a company called NAMCO LIMITED and are among the five that have survived to this day.  The park organizes various local children's games and traditional events that are on the brink of extinction.  Flowers of the season are planted, and the Lunar Park has been Maebashi citizen's favorite readily-accessible amusement park for more than half a century and over three generations.

Maebashi Park was one of the venues for the "Tree-Planting Fair 2008", hosted by Gunma Prefecture and was held from March 29 to June 8.  The stroll area and a Japanese garden were built for the fair and have been open to public ever since.

When you cannot come up with ideas on where to go on a family picnic, why not try Maebashi and Lunar Parks?

By bus: From JR Maebashi Station: Get off at Maebashi Koen.
From JR Shin-Maebashi Station: Get off at Yuenchi Sakashita.
By car: Use the parking lot at the West Exit (capacity: 22) or near the East Exit (capacity: 40).

For more information, visit Maebashi Park and Lunar Park