Gunma Museum of Natural History

Gunma Museum of Natural History

The museum has five exhibition sections for the history of the Earth and the nature of Gunma.  Here is a brief introduction on each of them.

Section A:  "The Age of the Earth"
Children would love to see a 22-meter long dinosaur model and a tyrannosaurus that moves by detecting the motion-sensor. 

Section B:  "The Nature and Environment of Gunma"
This section reconstructs many beautiful sceneries of Gunma by way of diorama as well as the Ozegahara moor theater. 

Section C:  "The Darwin Room"
A scientist robot tells you interesting stories about evolution.  Here, you are allowed to touch the samples of various plants and animals collected from all over the world. 

Section D:  "Humans in Nature"
Here, you encounter stories about human beings that you thought you knew but actually didn’t.  Marks of human evolution such as walking upright, using tools, making a fire, and creation of artworks can be seen.  From where an ancient burial in Iran is recreated, you see that they offered flowers to the deceased.  It’s intriguing to know that human beings did this some several tens of thousands of years ago. 

Section E:  "The Precious Earth"
This is where you can feel how beautiful and precious the Earth is.  Learn about what you can do to protect the Earth which is blessed with beautiful nature and water. 

Every single exhibition is compelling and believable.  Be there and enjoy!

By car: 15 minutes from Tomioka Exit of Joshinetsu Expressway
By train and taxi: 15-min. taxi ride from Isobe Station of JR Shinetsu-Honsen Line 15-min. taxi ride from Joshu-Tomioka Station of Joshin Dentetsu Bicycles are also available at Joshu-Tomioka Station (Rented free).
By train & walk: 25-min. walk from Joshu-Nanokaichi Station of Joshin Dentetsu 25-min. walk from Joshu-Ichinomiya Station of Joshin Dentetsu Bicycles are also available at Joshu-Ichinomiya Station (Rented free).

Gunma Museum of Natural History