Watarase Keikoku Rail Transport

Watarase Keikoku Rail Transport

Watarase Keikoku Rail Transport connects between Kiryu station in Gunma and Mato station in Tochigi. The length is 44km and takes around one hour and a half to travel. It used to be the main form of transportation to the famous Ashio copper mine, but after the mine was closed, people stopped using it.
Watarase Keikoku brought the train back as a sightseeing trolley called "Torokko".
It would be fun to use the Torokko and stop by each station to walk around the interesting town.
Especially in autumn, many visitors come every year to enjoy watching the autumn leaf colors. Therefore, you will need to make a reservation to get the Trokko ticket. It would be great idea to go on a one day trip on a perfect autumn day.

Each station lights up illumination and the view from the train is fantastic.
- Illumination Trolley <Around Dec to Feb> -

There are many museums and exhibitions as well as Onsen. We can be refreshed both physically and mentally.
Takatsudo Bridge- 5min from Omama station and looks like a triangle from the front and sides. Hanetaki Bridge to Takatsudo Bridge has a great view especially in the autumn leaf color season.
Tomihiro Museum- We can walk from Godo station to Tomihiro museum in about an hour. On the way, there is Kusaki pond where you can stop by. It’s recommended to go during the autumn leaf color season.
Mizunuma Station Onsen Center- Conveniently located on the premises of Mizunuma station, we can enjoy open-air and indoor spa. (Day guests only)
Ashio copper Mine- It used to be called “The best mine in Japan”, and now we can see its 400 years of history, and learn about how it will be used by reconstruction. It should be a great experience for anyone. You can get off at the Tudo station to enjoy.
Restaurant “Seiryu”- This unused train became a restaurant. We can eat food at seats in the train. It would be fun to eat at this unique restaurant

Change from JR Ryomo Line Kiryu station or Tobu Isesaki Line Aioi station

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