Numata is located in the No.1 river terrace in Japan, formed by the Tone, Katashina and Usune rivers, and people began to live in Numata approximately ten thousand years ago. It is said that the name “Numata” first appeared in print in the “Wamyo-ruijusho”, the oldest Japanese dictionary, in middle of Heian Period. (794AD-1185AD)

Tambara highlands will help you relax and appreciate the fresh air with Beech woods, Asian Skunk Cabbage, and more. Fukiware Falls is one of the hundred most famous waterfalls in Japan, and created by erosion from the Katashina River. One of the famous hot springs in Numata is Oigami Hot Springs known as the Rotenburo (outdoor bath) Junishi (Chinese Zodiac). You may enjoy visiting the all twelve baths in one day.

Local Fruits (grapes, Cherries, Apples, Blueberries, Strawberries)
- You may enjoy the fruits picking in each seasons.
Dumpling Soup
- Has dumplings with seasonal vegetables and meat. You can enjoy it at local restaurants.
Locally Brewed Sake
- Numata nature makes the sake rich and mellow flavored.
Fish Products
- Sweet dried rainbow trout is a particular favorite.

Take a break from your busy life and just come and see beautiful Numata city!! You will pleased by the relaxation and detoxification effects of nature!!

By Train:
Jyouetsu Shinkansen
- Tokyo station → Jyoumou-kougen station(Jyouetsu shinkansen) → Numata station(bus)<1hr40min>
JR Takasaki Line, Jyouetsu Line (express)
- Ueno station → JR Takasaki Line Takasaki station → JR Jyouetsu Line Numata station<2hr>

By Car: Nerima IC → Numata IC Kanetsu Expswy <1hr30min>

For more info : Numata city hall