Kusatsu Onsen


Kusatsu Onsen is recognized as one of the three major hot springs in Japan with its distinctive features of abundant and strong acid spring water.

Total of 32,000 liters of hot water all in the town gush out of more than 100 springs every minute, which could fill as many as 230,000 oil drums a day. This bountiful supply of hot water enables hotels and ryokans in Kusatsu to keep flowing water into their tubs and let excessive water run out of the tub continuously. Yubatake, the major hot spring, creates a special street scene of the town with plentiful hot water springing out forming clouds of rising stream. The town has as many as 18 public baths where visitors can bathe free of charge and enjoy socializing with local people. Please be advised, in case you use any of them, to follow the rules on how to use the baths since these baths are highly valued and carefully maintained by local people.

The spring water is so acidic as to melt down a one-yen coin in a week if immersed. It’s been said to work wonders on many diseases, especially on skin diseases. It is regrettable, however, that it doesn’t work on lovesickness.

Kusatsu Onsen also boasts its great nature. If you visit there in winter, nobody could talk about Kusatsu without referring to its great snow. Kusatsu Kokusai Ski Area is the very first ski area in Japan that was equipped with ski lifts, and produced Kenji Ogiwara, an Olympic gold medalist in Nordic combined. Everyone from beginners to advanced skiers/boarders or even kids who only play with snow can enjoy it. Among its diverse terrains is the popular 8-km downhill run from Mt. Honshirane featuring magnificent scenery along the way.

Kusatsu Onsen attracts many visitors throughout the year for its nature, culture and sports not to mention its hot springs. It ranked first in “Japan’s Best 100 Hot Springs” for six consecutive years, which makes no onsen lovers fail to visit there.

Worried about language at accommodations? More and more hotels and ryokans are employing English speaking staff and training their employees to speak English. So don’t worry and enjoy Kusatsu Onsen to its fullest as the famous Kusatsu song goes,
♪“Kusatsu Onsen is such a good place. So come here at least once.
 Flowers bloom even in the hot spring water here.”

For more information, visit Kusatsu Onsen Kanko Kyokai