Minakami is located in the northern part of Gunma, just a 70min Shinkansen ride from Tokyo. Minakami was traditionally famous for its abundant hot springs. These days, however, it’s been becoming more and more famous for its outdoor activities.

In winter, Minakami enchants visitors with powder snow to enjoy kinds of winter sports – skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, backcountry tours, snowmobiling – you name it. Minakami attracts even those who are not much of athletes with joys of admiring glaciers, frozen waterfalls and expansive panoramas.

When summer comes, a lot of adventurers rush to Minakami for summer activities. You must have heard of bungee jumping, paragliding, canoeing and kayaking, not to mention hiking in the mountains. What about, then, downhill mountain biking, canyoning and whitewater rafting? These exciting, or more like hair-raising activities guarantee you unforgettable time.

What if you get dead tired after the sports? Don’t worry. Miankami has many wonderful Onsen – hot springs – to give you the utmost relaxation.

Do not underestimate Minakami as a sort of spot only for the thrill-seekers. There are cultural sites such as Tobe’s farmhouse, a registered national heritage building, and Takumi-no-sato Craft Village, where you can experience as many as 27 kinds of Japanese craft.

Minakami is the right place to have a blast.

For more information about Minakami, visit http://www.tourism-minakami.com/en/home/ or http://www.enjoy-minakami.jp/