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Mt. Myogi

Mt. Myogi

Mt. Myogi, one of the three major mountains in Gunma aka Jomo Mountains, is famous for its peculiar figure. Among its trails is the “Stone-Gate” course with four stone-gates and adventurous spots, Side-Walker point and Chain-Climbing Wall. Bring climbing boots and gloves for your safety.

On the way to Mt. Myogi or home, do not miss various tourism spots such as Myogi roadside station where local products are sold at fairly reasonable prices, Myogi Furusato Museum where pictures of Mt. Myogi are displayed, one-day Onsen, Momiji-no-Yu where breathtaking view from the outdoor bath is guaranteed, a class 1500-year old Myogi Shrine which main building stands pretty cool in black and gold. If time allows, visit the Railroad Culture Village, the Kozu Farm where frozen yogurt is truly popular, the Gunma Safari Park to meet animals close by or meet dinosaurs at the Gunma Museum of Natural History where admission is free for Jr. high school students and younger.

Spring is another of charm of Myogi since it boasts as many as 1500 cherry-blossom trees in Sakura-no-Sato during mid April and early May. On May 3rd, people celebrate Cherry Festival.

How to get Mt. Myogi :
A 10 min drive from Usui-Myogi IC, Joetsu Expwy
Please be advised that it usually takes more than half an hour
during autumn-leave season from late Oct to mid Nov.