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Gunma Association of Tourism, Local Products & International Exchange (GTIA) provides you with information on accommodations, arrange your original itinerary and make hotel reservations free of charge. Would you like to stay at a luxurious hotel room with a private outdoor bathtub? Or you’d prefer to a casual inn where you can bring your pet to stay with?
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Types of Accommodations


Ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn, offers you tatami-matted room(s) to stay in. If you’d like to experience the traditional Japanese way of living, a ryokan would be the best place to stay at. Many ryokan offer time-honored Japanese services such as Yukata kotton kimono for your nightclothes, Geta wooden clogs, distinctive Japanese cuisine, etc. Charges at a ryokan usually include breakfast and dinner. Accommodation fees are charged per each person not for the room. The amount of charges per person, however, can be subject to change depending on how many people stay in one room. Charges are also subject to change depending on the time of year or the day of the week.


Western-style hotels have been introduced to Japan for decades. Systems about hotels are usually not so different from the ones in Western countries. You will find it easy to spend a night at a hotel because you’d be used to it. It is, however, hard for you to expect traditional Japanese ambience while staying at a hotel.


A pension means a rather small and casual inn usually with breakfast and dinner included. Some pensions charge an extra fee for dinner especially when they feature their exquisite cuisine. You may have to bring your toiletries kit to some pensions. Inquiry is necessary. Accommodation fees are usually a little lower than hotels or ryokan.


Minshuku is a very casual and inexpensive inn usually with breakfast and dinner included. Most minshuku are family-run and the owner’s family lives in the same house. It is said that minshuku serves local delicacies at quite reasonable prices. If you’d like to experience a very casual Japanese homey atmosphere, minshuku would fit the bill.

Youth Hostels

Youth hostels in Japan are the same as the ones in the Western countries. They provide cheap and simple accommodation and meals, especially to young people who are traveling. There are three youth hostels in Gunma. Visit the websites below for details.

Japan Youth Hostels, Inc
Gunma Youth Hostels Association

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