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Cancer screening

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Japan. In Gunma, more than 5,000 people die annually because of cancer. However, thanks to advanced medical technologies, there is an increasing number of cancer cases that can be treated by early detection. Therefore, checkups for cancer are very important.

Did you know?

Most municipal governments conduct annual medical checkups for their residents. Usually, these municipal governments provide coupons for cancer checkups. Those who wish to get a cancer screening may be charged a small fee of 500 yen ~ 1,500 yen.

Cancer screenings are effective!

Cancer can develop without showing symptoms, and it can be life-threatening for all age groups. It is very effective to make a habit of getting regular checkups for cancer for early detection. Early diagnosis may lead to higher rates of successful treatment. We hope you will take advantage of cancer screenings available in your community.
*The municipality where you are registered as a resident will send you a medical consultation form for cancer screening.

Statistically, 1 out of every 16 women has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Also, there is a growing number of young women who have recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Getting vaccinated for cervical cancer is very effective among young girls and many municipalities provide vaccination for cervical cancer for girls between the ages of 13 (the 1st grade of junior high school) and 16 (the 1st grade of high school) as part of their public grant programs. Please inquire at your municipal office about their grant programs that cover the cost of vaccination for cervical cancer.

Have you ever gotten any of the following examinations?

Type of cancer Target age group and sex Implementation of examination Examination Methods
Gastric cancer Both men & women age 40 or older Once a year Stomach X-ray
Lung cancer Both men & women age 40 or older Once a year Chest X-ray
Colon cancer Both men & women age 40 or older Once a year Stool test
Uterine cancer Women age 20 years or older Once every 2 years Visual inspection, cytodiagnosis of uterine, internal examination
Breast cancer Women age 40 or older Once every 2 years Visual inspection, Inspection by touch, mammography

For more information, please contact your municipality about its programs.

Please see the contact list below for cancer screenings.

(Effective December 2012)

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