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Certificate of Residence (Juminhyo)

In accordance with the enforcement of the "Law for Partial Amendment of the Basic Residents Registration Act", foreign residents will also be subject to the Basic Resident Registration System from July 9, 2012 (the date of enforcement). A "Resident Record" will also be prepared for foreign residents at each municipality (city/ward/town/village).

What is a Juminhyo?

A Juminhyo is a registry of current residential addresses maintained by local governments in Japan. The Basic Resident Registration is a database containing everyone's resident record, which lists data including your full name, date of birth, sex, address, and relationship to the householder. Effective July 9, 2012, resident records have been made for "medium-to-long term residents" who are residing in Japan for the medium-to-long term (with a status of residence such as spouses of a Japanese national, student, and permanent resident) and special permanent residents. When proof of residence is required in Japan, you will often be asked to submit a Juminhyo.

When you move to a different municipality (city/ward/town/village)

If a foreign resident moves to a different municipality (city/ward/town/village), you must report your move out to the former municipal office, and you must report your move in to the municipality having jurisdiction over your new residence. Upon reporting your move out to your former municipality, you will be issued a "Move out Certificate". Take your "Move out Certificate" to your new municipal office and report your move in for resident registration within 14 days of settling in at the new address in that municipality.

Unless you complete these reports, you will not be able to receive administrative services or necessary information provided by your new municipality. You will not be issued a copy of your Juminhyo, either.

How to request a copy of your Juminhyo

When you require a copy of your Juminhyo, go to the municipality where you have registered your residency and follow the necessary procedure. Usually, you are asked to fill out and submit a form to the person in charge. Also, you will be asked for an ID. In most cases, copies of Juminhyo have expiry dates. There is a fee for this service. Different municipalities have different request procedures, so please ask your municipality for details.

For more details, please refer to the following websites.

Relevant page of MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications) Website (PDF)

MIC Website on the Changes to the Basic Resident Registration Law

MIC Call Center (Multilingual Consultation) 0570-066-630 (Weekdays 8:30-17:30)

(Effective November 2012)

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