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KYOJYU SHIEN NO GOANNAI (Housing Assistance Guide)

Find your own place to live in Gunma.
You are in good hands with the Housing Assistance Committee.

The Housing Assistance Committee is an organization that assists those who are low-income earners, disaster victims, elderly people, physically or mentally challenged people, child-rearing families, and foreign residents find a suitable house.

Our mission is to build a housing market in which every citizen of our country can find a safe and comfortable house. However, due to the lack of financial guarantee for rent payment and emergency contacts, there are many people who are refused tenancy. Also, it’s not rare to see people struggling to find a suitable housing due to the restriction in the market.

"The Housing Assistance Committee of Gunma" is run by organizations that promote housing assistance such as local government agencies, real estate agencies, property management agencies and real estate guarantee agencies. We have established a committee to improve our housing system where people who need special consideration can find a house smoothly. The committee is for related agencies to share information and establish necessary measures to support those in need of help.

For further details, please visit the URL below for their leaflet.

Address: 1-7-12 Kouun-cho, Maebashi-shi
TEL.: 027-210-6634
FAX: 027-223-9808

(Effective August 2012)

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