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Automobile Tax (Jidosha Zei)

It's time for automobile tax again! We hope the information below will help you have a better understanding of how to pay automobile tax.

Who is responsible for paying?

Automobile tax

You are still responsible for the automobile tax in the cases below...

How much do I pay?

The yearly sum of vehicle tax is determined by factors such as the type, engine size, etc.

Enzine Sizes Annual Tax
4 or 2 door Sedan 1.000 cc or less 29,000 yen
1.001 cc ~ 1.500 cc 34,500 yen
1.501 cc ~ 2.000 cc 39,500 yen
2.001 cc ~ 2.500 cc 45,000 yen
2.501 cc ~ 3.000 cc 51,000 yen
3.001 cc ~ 3.500 cc 58,000 yen
3.501 cc ~ 4.000 cc 66,500 yen
4.001 cc ~ 4.500 cc 76,500 yen
4.501 cc ~ 6.000 cc 88,000 yen
6.000 cc ~ 111,000 yen

When do I pay it?

The tax notice is sent to all vehicle owners in the beginning of May and must be paid by May 31st (Thu.)

Where do I pay it?

You can pay the tax at post offices, Automobile Tax Collection Office, Prefectural Tax Office (Kenzei Jimusho), Prefectural Government Tax Office (Ken Gyosei Kensei Jimusho), convenience stores or ATM machines. Also, you can use internet banking (Pay-easy system) or mobile banking.

Tax Return of Automobile Tax

An individual who dispose of his/her vehicle after April 1st and has not only paid the vehicle tax for the year, but has also canceled vehicle registration is entitled to a refund corresponding to the amount overpaid from the following month of the date of registration cancelation till the end of the fiscal year. Please click here to read more about tax return of automobile tax.

Light vehicle tax (municipal tax)

Please contact the tax department of your municipal office for details.

You are required to show your automobile tax payment certificate when having automobile inspection. You are NOT allowed to drive a vehicle that has not passed the inspection (Shaken).

Please visit the websites of GTIA or Gunma Prefecture for more information on tax.

(Effective April 2012)

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