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KYUUJITSU-YAKAN SHINRYOUJYO (After Hours Emergency Clinics)

Supported by the local medical associations/Ishikai, there are emergency clinics/hospitals that provide first aid treatment for patients who develop a sudden illness on weekends, public holidays or at night.

*It is very important to call the emergency clinic before visiting to make sure they are open.

Names and Addresses Available Departments Hours
Maebashi Yakan kyubyo Shinryosho
(Maebashi-shi After Hours Emergency Clinic)
Maebashi-shi Asahi-cho 4-9-5
027-243-5111 (night only)
Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Open 7 days a week
20:00 ~ 24:00
Takasaki Yakan kyubyo Shinryosho (Takasaki-shi After Hours Emergency Clinic)
Takasaki-shi Takamatsu-cho 5-28

027-381-6119 (night only)
Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Monday ~ Friday
19:30 ~ 22:00
Weekends and holidays
19:00 ~ 22:00
Kiryu-shi Ishikairitsu Hei-Yakan kyubyo Shinryosho
(Kiryu-shi Medical Association’s After Hours Emergency Clinic)
Kiryu-shi Motojuku-cho18-2

0277-47-2500 (night only)
Internal Medicine, Pediatrics 19:30 ~ 22:30
(closed on Sundays and holidays)
Isesaki-Sawa Ishikai Byouin (Isesaki-Sawa Medical Association Hospital)
Isesaki-shi Shimoueki-cho 481
0270-24-0111 (day and night)
Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular, Gastroenterological Medicine,  Pediatrics, Surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Ophthalmologist, Otolaryngology , Gynecology, Rehabilitation Open 7 days a week
Ota-shi Heijitsu Yakan Kyubyo Shinryosho
(Ota-shi After Hours Emergency Clinic)
Ota-shi Yabuzuka-cho1549-1
Ota-shi Sogo Kenko Center 2F
0276-60-3099 (night only)
Internal Medicine, Pediatrics 19:00 ~ 22:00
(Closed on weekends, holidays and the year- end and new year holidays)
Numata Tone Ishikai Kyujitsu Kyukan Shinryousho
(Numata Medical Association Emergency Clinic)
Numata-shi Shimono-cho 888 Green Bell 21 F6
0278-24-1199 (daytime only)
Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Sunday & holidays
10:00 ~ 16:00
The year-end and new year holidays  ~15:00
Tatebayashi Yakan kyubyo Shinryosho (Tatebayashi After Hours Emergency Clinic)
Tatebayashi-shi Shinsakae-cho 1844-3

0276-73-2313 (night only)
Internal Medicine, Pediatrics 19:00 ~ 22:00
(closed on Sundays and holidays)
Shibukawa Chiku Kouikiken Yakan Kyukan Shinryousho (After Hours Emergency Clinic for Shibukawa and Surrounding Areas)
Shibukawa-shi Shibukawa 1760-1 Shibukawa Hot Plaza F1(North)

0279-23-8899 (night only)
Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery Open 7 days a week
19:00 ~ 23:00
(The entrance is located on the west side of the building.)
Tomioka-shi Kanra-gun Ishikai Kyujitsu Shinryousho
(Tomioka-shi Kanra-gun Medical Association Weekend Emergency Clinic)
Tomioka-shi Nanokaichi 553-1
0274-64-1939 (night only)
Internal Medicine, Surgery Open on Sundays and holidays
A.M. 9:00 ~ 12:00
P.M. 13:00 ~ 17:00
(closed on weekdays)
Gunma-ken Yakan Kyukan Center (Gunma-ken After Hours Emergency Clinic)

"Is it a medical emergency?"
Gunma Prefecture provides free consultation services for pediatric care.

"Call #8000 if you are not sure what to do"
Pediatric medical advice helpline for guardians of children under 15. For more information, please visit the URL below.

Call 119 in the following medical emergencies:

It is very important for you to know the information above in case of sudden illnesses!

(Effective February 2012)

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