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Stopping drunk-driving

Protect yourself and your future!!
Did you know the administrative punishment for drunk-driving has been enhanced considerably since June 1st 2010?
Not only the driver, but also the other passengers will be punished.

Driving Drunk...

Driving Under the Influence..

In addition, if you cause an alcohol-related traffic accident that results in death, the accident will remain on your record for 7years. If involved in a hit-and-run accident, the accident will remain on your record for ten years.

Please follow the rules!!! NEVER DRIVE AFTER YOU DRINK!!!
Below is a letter written by a family who lost a family member in a car accident here in Gunma.

This is an ordeal experienced by a Gunma resident, whose sister was killed in a traffic accident. The information is provided by Gunma Sogo Kotsu Center or the General Traffic Center of Gunma.

I was living with my parents and younger sister in Sawa-gun, Gunma. My sister had graduated from high school and had just started her first job. She was 18 and had a whole new life ahead of her until it abruptly ended on an otherwise perfectly normal day.

On that day, we all left the house and hurried to our respective jobs. My father showed up at my workplace in the middle of the day and burst into tears as soon as he saw my face. He told me that my sister was dead. I saw my mother standing very still close behind him. The blood drained from my face, and I felt chill throughout my body. The three of us made it to the police precinct that handled my sister's accident. We felt like it was all part of a very bad dream. There, the first thing that caught my eye was the truck which I believed hit my sister. I saw the newly washed tires. They had washed away my sister's blood. We were shocked at seeing the big tires that were as tall as a man.

Inside, we couldn't believe our ears when the police officer told my parents, "I'm sorry to inform you, but your daughter's body has no head." My sister's body had no eyes or nose; her cheeks were torn to her ears; her brains spilled out of her skull, all of which were covered with blood-stained white bandages. Her hands and legs were full of scratches and broken bones, making my sister's body even more miserable to look at. I thought of how much pain and anguish she must have been in. My father, mother, and I just collapsed into tears on her body and cried for what seemed like forever.

Why did my sister's life have to end like this? She was only 18. She did nothing wrong. She was following the rules. The traffic light was green on her side, so she was going straight on her bicycle. A careless driver took her life. He made a left turn without checking the left side of his truck. He doesn't even remember whether he used his turn signal. He didn't check his left-hand mirror, either. There is a small window on the driver's seat of his truck, which is specifically there for the driver to make sure there's no one going straight. He not only didn't use it but also put a cushion there to block the view of the driver's seat from outside. As a result, the driver didn't notice my sister's bicycle and went ahead to make a left turn that ended her life. The truck dragged her and her bicycle for many meters. We couldn't believe what had actually happened. How could he?

To my mother and father, the fact that they lost their daughter in such a manner was unbearable. How it affected my parents is more than one can imagine. We stopped smiling. My parents stopped talking. There was nothing in our day-to-day life that didn't remind us of my little sister. We sobbed as we thought of her. We wept, thinking that we were not able to say good-bye to her. The ordeal went on and on.

I couldn't think of any words that would console them. My parents didn't have a chance to say good-bye to their daughter. They couldn't see her face because of the bandages. The grief and sorrow we experienced nine years ago never went away.

I am a mother now. Now that I have a child of my own, I think I can relate more to what my parents must have gone through then.

When I go outside, I see cars going past at outrageously high speeds; I see motorcycle drivers who don't wear helmets; I see drivers talking on their cell phones; and I see drivers who, even if they are under the influence, go ahead and drive, never being mindful of the consequences.

I want to tell these people: How painful and despairing is it to lose someone you love? What do you look like after you are killed in a traffic accident? Traffic accidents destroy everything on the part of not only victims but also the offenders. Traffic accidents destroy the happy life and good memories you have been enjoying and leave nothing but excruciating pain and agony that last forever. This is what a traffic accident will bring to your life.

Now I talk to my sister, "Hi, little sister. How's life in heaven? I hope that the scars the accident left on your body have been cured by the God's magic hands. Please forgive your big sister for not being able to be with you when you were in pain. Now that I'm our parents' only child, I will live with all my might so that your memory will live on. I wonder how many tears I have to shed in order to have you come back to me. How much more suffering do I have to go through in order to meet you again? In another life, I hope you are given a longer life so that you and I can be a family again. I will be waiting until that day comes."

(Effective November 2010)

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