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Winter Season 2010-11 Influenza Vaccine Immunizations

This year's influenza vaccinations will start on Friday, October 1st. This year's vaccine will cover the A/H1N1 Swine flu virus that swept through our prefecture last year, in addition to the seasonal A and B type influenzas. Unlike last year, there will be no priority immunizations and anyone who wishes to will be able to receive the vaccine regardless of age or health condition.

Immunization overview

(1) Immunization starting date
Friday, October 1, 2010

(2) Medical facilities offering immunizations
In principle, individuals may receive immunizations at any of the medical facilities listed on the Gunma Prefectural Website. However, those with chronic illnesses are requested to consult their primary care doctor before proceeding with immunization.

<Prefectural Homepage>
Top page>Emergency Information>A/H1N1 Swine Flu Virus>Regarding A/H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccinations

(Note) Individuals who cannot access the internet, individuals over 65 years of age, as well as individuals between 60 and 65 who have heart, kidney or lung conditions are requested to consult their local village, town or city hall for information regarding immunizations and medical facilities. Gunma's Prefectural Health Management Division and Health and Welfare Office can answer any questions regarding medical facilities offering immunizations.

(3) Immunization Costs
Immunization costs will be set by each municipality. Please refer to the information below:

Category Cost determined by For more info please contact
Individuals over 65, individuals between 60~65 with heart, kidney or lung conditions Your municipality's village, town or city hall Your local municipality or chosen medical facility
All other individuals The village, town or city hall of the municipality in which your chosen medical facility is located. (In some cases, medical facilities will charge the maximum fee set by their local municipality) The medical facility at which you will receive immunization or the municipal offices of the village, town or city in which the medical facility is located

(Note) Individuals may be requested to pay examination costs themselves if it is determined by a doctor that they are not able to receive vaccination due to fever etc.

(4) Assistance with immunization costs
1) As was done last year, municipal governments will offer assistance mainly to low income individuals.
2) As in past years, individuals who do not fall into the category listed above, but who are over 65, or are between 60~65 and suffer from a chronic heart, kidney or lung condition, may receive vaccinations by paying a portion of the cost themselves.

(Note) For more information on payment assistance, please contact your local municipal government office.

(5) Number of vaccinations
2 times for individuals 13 and under and 1 time for all other individuals.

Main differences from last year

There will be no priority vaccinations
Last year, a priority system for immunizations was set in place and depending on supply, individuals were able to receive vaccinations in order of precedence, with individuals being notified as to when they would be able to be vaccinated. This year, however, all individuals will be able to receive vaccinations beginning Friday, October 1st.

Both seasonal and A/H1N1 influenza are included in the vaccination
Last year, two vaccines (the seasonal vaccine & the new strain vaccine) were necessary for immunizations. However, this year, both vaccines have been combined resulting in a single vaccine for all 3 types of influenza.

Both seasonal and A/H1N1 influenza are included in the vaccination: Chart

*It is possible to be immunized from both seasonal and new strain influenza with this vaccine

(Note) It is possible to receive vaccination for only the new strain of A/H1N1 influenza. Individuals wishing to receive this are requested to contact their medical facility of choice for more info.

Things to keep in mind regarding immunization

Information & Inquiries

(1) Medical facilities offering immunizations, Immunization costs, Financial assistance etc. Municipal Government Health Center etc. (village, town & city halls)

(2) Medical facilities offering immunizations, general questions regarding vaccines, consultations etc.

Shibukawa Health and Welfare Office
(Shibukawa City & Kita Gunma-gun)
Isesaki Health and Welfare Office
(Isesaki City &Tamamura Town)
Seibu Health and Welfare Office
(Takasaki City &Annaka City)
Fujioka Health and Welfare Office
(Fujioka City &Tano-gun)
Tomioka Health and Welfare Office
(Tomioka City &Kanra-gun)
Agatsuma Health and Welfare Office
Tone-numata Health and Welfare Office
(Numata City &Tone-gun)
Tomo Health and Welfare Office
Kiryu Health and Welfare Office
(Kiryu City &Midori City)
Tatebayashi Health and Welfare Office
(Tatebayashi City &Oura-gun)
Prefectural Health Management Division 027-224-5300
(Reference for Residents of Maebashi-City)
Maebashi City Health Center (Maebashi City)

News from Gunma Prefectural Government

The Gunma Prefectural Regulation on the Protection and Rearing of Youth has been revised.
~The Gunma Prefectural Regulation on the Healthy Rearing of Youth was enacted effective October 1, 2007~

The Gist of the Revision

This revision is carried out in order to deal with the various problems surrounding our youth, hoping that those young people who are the future of Gunma in the 21st century grow up in good health both physically and mentally, and will become independent members of society.

The Main Revisions

Revisions without Penal Regulations

Revisions with Penal Regulations

For more information: Gunma Health and Welfare Division, The Youth and Children Section
(Gunma-ken Seisyounen kodomo-Ka) TEL 027-226-2628
Have somebody who can speak Japanese make inquiries for you, please.
All relevant information about the revision is provided on the Gunma Prefectural Website.

(Effective October 2010)

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